Summer Activities



Limone Piemonte is a renowed tourst attraction since the end of  the  ninteenth  Century. Its mountain tops delight all the tourists appassionated in sport and nature. Summer is the best period for excursions, riding bike or going rock climbing, when the sun is shining from dawn to sunset.

Excursions – Limone mountains offer a wide range of interesting tracks at all levels Limone is the perfect place for a family holiday.

Events: Limone Piemonte offers a number of sports and cultural events.
Natural Wonders to discover Maritime Alps Natural Park Mercantour French Natural Park “La Rocca dell’Abisso” -at 2.665 mt high from where you can enjoy the striking landscape crossing from the Padanian Plain to the Alps. “Alpe di Papa Giovanni” – a truly spiritual retreat lying  in a characteristic restored mountain hamlet accessible by a small path from Limonetto’s waterfall. The “Napoleon Gallery”  testifies the attempt (started on 1614 and restarted at the beginning of 1800) to climb over the hill through a tunnel which has been finally built on 1882. In the French territory are located the “Forts”, great nineteenth century fortifications used during the war period. Bikes and mountain bikes – kilometers of tracks perfect for mountain bike riding. A safe deposit for your equipment is available at Borgo Fantino

Climbig – rafting: natural and artifical cliffs are available for climbings.
Horse riding – Limonetto offers a ring for ponys and horses for any level. Individual lessons with certified instructors. CO’ DI PARIS –


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