Terms and conditions

General Letting Conditions for the Holiday Homes

  • 1. General conditions Please read the general letting conditions and also the terms and conditions for booking and payment carefully, and comply with them. If you fail to comply with them you may lose your right to occupy the property, without any exemption from payment. The present letting conditions relate to agreements between Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l. and the Tenant. Any agreement between the Tenant and Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l. that changes, modifies or cancels these letting conditions or other information stated in the General Conditions shall only be valid if it is in writing. Any change that does not give rise to other terms and conditions and in the general letting conditions, in part or in full, shall be held null and void.
  • 2. Number of occupants The rented property, the building and the land associated with it may not be occupied by a number of people exceeding the number stated in the property details or the booking confirmation. This number includes children of any age. The sole exception to this condition is for those dwelling units where a child of under 4 years is permitted without an additional charge. Further information about this will be available from the booking office staff at the time of booking.
  • 3. Prices and means of payment The Tenant declares that they read and accepted the General Letting Conditions when they paid the deposit. The rental fee shall be paid in accordance with the following time limits: On confirmation the Tenant must pay a deposit of 30% of the total rent. The remaining balance must be paid within 14 days before the commencement of the rental. For bookings made less than 14 days from the start of the rental, the Tenant is required to pay the full amount of the rent immediately.
  • 4. Taxes and currency In the event of an increase in taxes and charges beyond the control of Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l., the company reserves the right to increase the rent proportionately; this must be clearly documented.
  • 5. Changes and cancellations
    For the high season periods from Christmas, New Year, July and August
    cancellations up to 14 days before arrival are fully refundable; from 13 days to 6 days before arrival, penalty of 50%; from 5 days to 2 days before arrival, penalty of 80% of the stay fee; starting from the day before arrival, penalty of 100% of the stay fee. 
    For all other periods,
    cancellations up to 7 days before arrival are fully refundable; from 6 days to 2 days before arrival, penalty of 50%; starting from the day before arrival, penalty of 100% of the stay fee. In case of no show (no show) the total amount of the reservation will be charged. In any case, a fee (€ 50.00) will be retained for the opening of the file. In case of return of the keys earlier than the expiry date of the lease, the rent already paid will not be returned.** Only in the case of new DPCM that provide for travel restrictions will we be able to reimburse the amount paid, (also by issuing vouchers), even beyond the limits indicated above.
  • 6. Arrival procedures The Tenant is required to present their passport and/or identity card to reception staff on their arrival. Check in and check out times are as follows: • Check in 16.00 – 19.00 • Check out by 10.00. A late check in up to 20.00 can be arranged by notifying to the reception Tel. +39 0171 926669. For tenants arriving after 20.00 but no later than 22.00  an additional fee of 20.00 euro will be required.
  • 7. Deposit On their arrival guests will receive a list of the equipment and facilities in the apartment, which must be checked by guests themselves within the apartment, signed and returned to reception by the end of the morning after their arrival. A good housekeeping deposit of 150.00 euro is payable on receipt of the keys (only cash). This deposit acts as a guarantee that the holiday home will be clean and in good order when it is returned and as an advance for any additional expenses that may arise. The deposit may be doubled when a home is let to groups, to tenants under 22 years of age, and for lettings over Christmas and the New Year. The amount will be refunded on departure, or sent to the Tenant, if the property is returned clean and in good order, without damage, and the Tenant owes no additional amounts to the company. The Tenant remains liable for charges and damage even if they exceed the amount of the deposit debited from your card. Credit cards accepted: VISA – MASTERCARD – AMERICAN EXPRESS.
  • 8. Defects, refunds and assistance It is the responsibility of the Tenant to inform reception immediately in the event of any problems, or within 72 hours of arriving in the property and becoming aware of a defect. Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l. will always try to meet any particular requirements, such as for example the position of the home, but cannot guarantee this due to the possibility that all the available apartments may be fully booked. The liability of Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l. to pay compensation relates only to direct financial loss. Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l. shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to a defect, damage or loss of a non-financial nature.
  • 9. Responsibilities of the Tenant The Tenant is responsible for showing respect for the holiday home and is held liable for any damage that they or anyone in their group or their pet may have caused. The Tenant is required to leave the property clean and in good order. The Tenant is required to wash up and to empty the fridge and freezer before their departure and not to leave rubbish inside or outside the apartment, even if cleaning after the letting is included in the price. If this is not complied with, the good housekeeping deposit will be retained in full. The Tenant is liable for any personal or physical damage that they or their pet may cause during the letting period, including damage for which they are or may be insured. It is the Tenant’s duty to ensure that neither they, those accompanying them, nor their pet (where permitted) cause disturbance to the neighbours or the surrounding area. If the Tenant, one of the people accompanying them, or their pet (where permitted) act in an inappropriate or unacceptable manner Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l. retains the right to terminate the letting agreement immediately and without notice. In this event Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l. shall not be required to reimburse the rental fee, either fully or in part.
  • 10. Responsibilities of Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l. Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l. has no responsibility for any change that is not directly related to the home (for example a new or increased local taxes and charges, closures of roads, shops, etc., the construction of new roads and buildings, environmental damage, etc.). In the same way Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l. has no responsibility for changes in the weather, or for local laws, water shortages, etc. that may limit the enjoyment of the holiday. In the interests of future developments Borgo Fantino – Limone Piemonte S.r.l. retains the right to make changes to the General Letting Conditions, following prior notification of Tenants who have already made a booking. Errors and omissions excluded.
  • 11. Terms and conditions – acts of God In the event that it is impossible to perform the contract due to an act of God, the parties may cancel the contract without prejudice.
  • 12. Services included in the price. The following services are included in a week’s or two week’s stay at the Resort: • LINEN (bedlinen and bathroom towels) – will be supplied on the basis of the number of occupants of the flat. It is possible to request an additional change of linen at reception. A fee of 10.00 euro per person is charged for additional linen. For seasonal rental linens are not included • CLEANING – On arrival, the apartment will be clean and tidy; final cleaning is included in the rent for all stays. Guests may request additional cleaning, every day or several times a week, from reception, with at least one day’s notice. The cost of additional cleaning is €15.00 per hour, the price of this service is available at reception.
  • 13. Tourist Tax From december 1st 2018 the Municipality of Limone Piemonte has established the “tourist tax”, € 1 per person per day.